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With over two decades of experience, Templeton Firm is the intelligent choice when it comes to seeking competent and resourceful counsel for your litigation, crisis management, personal injury, business, political/campaign, criminal or contract matter.  Templeton Firm has represented numerous Maryland politicians, CEOs, Judges, Attorneys, founders, Executive Directors, organization Presidents, Restaurateurs and Maryland dealmakers. Call us when you need a problem solved in a discreet manner.

We understand your issue is probably the most important event that is happening in your life and choosing an attorney can be an arduous task.  Templeton Firm will protect your interests and get the job done by approaching each matter with dedication and a focus on orchestrating a successful result.  We handle many types of cases and if we do not practice in the area you need we have a network of other attorneys that can get you the professional help needed to rectify your issue effectively.

We can help

We are here to help you resolve your issue. All of our areas of law are on the Services page.

Templeton Firm represents many different types of businesses and nonprofits. Negotiations and orchestrating deals are our strong point. Many executives and institutions in Maryland trust Templeton Firm to quietly navigate them through tumultuous times. We have helped major Baltimore hotels settle claims outside the public eye. Templeton Firm thrives in the commercial lease space. We draft … see more.

Templeton Firm has represented clients that have been injured in an automobile accident for two decades.  Our clients benefit from the depth and breadth of our expertise.  Our clients get more because we know the insurance industry and we also know the value of an injury case.  There are many nuisances that determine the amount a claimant will recover.  Knowing what to do from day one after an accident is … see more.

Templeton Firm handles all types of state and federal criminal cases.  Whether you have a DUI, driving on suspended matter or a more serious matter such as an assault or a drug matter, Templeton Firm can get you the right result.  Our great relationships with the courts and experience allows Templeton Firm to quickly analyze your options and exposure.  We pride ourselves on … see more.