Areas of Practice

Corporate/Business Law, Personal Injury, Contract Negotiations, Criminal Law, Elected Official Counsel and Campaign Finance Matters, Traffic Matters (DUI & Driving on Suspended License), Crisis/Conflict Management, Military Criminal Defense, Insurance Disputes, Immigration Law, Bankruptcy

Elected Official & Crisis Management Matters

Many high visibility, public facing clients choose Templeton Firm when they have to maneuver through a tough situation. Templeton Firm’s ability to diagnose pain points, connect clients to persons in power that can resolve issues, craft a positive narratives to counter negative media coverage makes us the go to Firm in a time of crisis. Our approach systematically identifies ways to pivot away from the chaos and prioritizes fast tracking to our predetermined end result. Templeton Firm continues to advise Maryland elected officials, campaigns, attorneys, Judges, police officers, executives at major non-profits and others. We have guided Maryland politicians and campaigns through board of election investigations and even more intense federal investigations. Discretion and reputation preservation is a top priority with our approach.

Injury Matters

Templeton Firm has represented clients that have been injured in an automobile accident for two decades.  Our clients benefit from the depth and breadth of our expertise.  Our clients get more because we know the insurance industry and we also know the value of an injury case.  There are many nuisances that determine the amount a claimant will recover.  Knowing what to do from day one after an accident is important.  We know how to send our clients to the best therapy facilities, navigate through the insurance carrier red tape and present a well-documented demand to maximize the monetary award.  If litigation is necessary, we can take the responsible party to court and fight for you.  

Contract Negotiations

Our firm handles all types of negotiations in several different arenas.  We have served clients by resolving serious conflicts with major corporations, land developers, the Attorney General’s Office, U.S. Attorney’s Office and other government entities which stopped investigations and the negative media that would have devastated their lives.  Templeton Firm has also negotiated recording contracts with major labels and television participation agreements for famous artists.  When you have an issue that you cannot navigate or a negotiation with a large organization call us and we will get you a great result.

Criminal & Serious Traffic

Templeton Firm handles all types of state and federal criminal cases.  Whether you have a DUI, driving on suspended matter or a more serious matter such as an assault or a drug matter, Templeton Firm can get you the right result.  Our great relationships with the courts and experience allows Templeton Firm to quickly analyze your options and exposure.  We pride ourselves on being candid with our clients so they never are surprised in court.  If your case is not resolved prior to your trial date, Templeton Firm is always ready to go to trial and present your case to the jury.

Business Matters

Templeton Firm represents many different types of businesses and nonprofits. Negotiations and orchestrating deals are our strong point. Many institutions in Maryland trust Templeton Firm to quietly navigate them through tumultuous times. We have helped major Baltimore hotels settle claims outside the public eye. Templeton Firm thrives in the commercial lease space. We draft terms that are favorable to the business tenant and limit future financial losses if the landlord-tenant relationship sours. Templeton Firm navigates companies through tenuous arbitration proceedings, recover funds owed from customers or contractors, successfully defends companies against government Medicare fraud claims, guides owners though times of expansion with experienced counsel in acquisitions, capital injections from investors and scaling strategies.  Templeton Law also has extensive experience with the steps a start-up must go through to gain traction. We can assist in entity formation, governing documents, deck and proformas and developing a multiyear growth strategies.

Entertainment Matters

We have negotiated agreements with some of the largest record labels in the United States for artists.  Before you attempt to navigate a recording contract or reality show agreement alone call Templeton Law to review the agreement. Knowing whether you have a 360 deal, the percentage you will get on merchandising or how most of the luxuries a record label may give you may be classified as an advance is important.  Templeton Law has worked hard to protect entertainment companies as well as recording artists and actors on numerous occasions.

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